Thursday, December 24, 2009

Betty Dine in @ York, UK

::A Day Trip to york on 21st December 2009::

We stop by a famous traditional shop at york
to have a afternoon tea break
It is Little Betty Cafe
A good place to stop by to have a tea break
Enjoy their desserts
Enjoy their tasty English Tea
A wonderful place to recommend

Little Bettys Cafe Outside View

::The Menus::

::Below is Some of our english tea and desserts pictures::

Things are very sweet but quite delicious
It is also in a quite small portion
But is quite oK and I think it can fill up your stomach anyway!

:: cheers ::

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Liko - The Japanese & Korea Food Restaurant @ London

Havent been updated any food post for months?!
Here goes!

Been to London,
Tried this Japanese + Korean Restaurant
Located at London's Chinatown!
Is worth to go for it
Because is NICE!

*thumbs up*


:: Menu ::

::Below are some randomly shot photos!::

:: Cheers ::

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween 2009 @ Newcastle

one year pass already loh!!
Halloween 2009 is here again..
what's ur halloween party is going to be?
What are you going to be?

Halloween 2008,
I was as a normal witch..
Halloween 2009,
I was in a zombie look!
My first challenge in a Zombie..
Now time pass fast,
Been in UK for a year already!

So what am I gonna be again
in the coming Halloween 2010??

Hope you had a great halloween yea!

::Random pics::

Before and After?

Zombie going crazy!

Zombie vs Bride Corp!

Zombie vs Mummy vs Harry Porter?!

Part of the friends deco up!

2 Harry Porter, 2 Zombies and 3 Normal human being

Zombie with Pretty Devil

2 Zombies vs Harry Porter!

2 Zombies in action!

2 Zombies vs 3 normals!

- Cheers -

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Northumbria University Congregation July '09

15th July 2009,
Is a very special day for me!

I finally graduated from Northumbria University @ Newcastle, uk!
I am now a 2:1 Bachelor Degree holder in Accounting and Finance!

Time is passing so fast!
It seems like I just only started degree yesterday!
But it had already been almost a year in UK!

But the upset thing is that my parent are unable to attend my congregation!
I hope that they are happy that i promise them that I will graduated on time!


Below are some randoms pictures of my congregation with my friends!

- Cheers -