Sunday, January 29, 2012

Giving Up Is Not An Option

What have you understand about the above photo?

Every path that we went through,
Is not easy,
Is full of obstacles,
Is full of challenges.

Sometimes we are that closed to succeed,
But we gave up in the half way.

Why give up, while you have already reach the middle?
Why give up, if you have already started?

"If you want to success, giving up is not an option" - Red Bull Bc One

Nothing is perfect,
Nothing is easy.

Think it this way,
If everything is easy,
If everything is smooth,

Whats the purpose of growing?
What is the purpose of learning?
What is the purpose of challenging?
What is the purpose of improving?
What is the purpose of life?

You've walk this far,
If you plan to give up.
Stood up right,
Look behind you,
How many miles have you been to?
Look ahead you,
Few more steps,
Is your destiny,
Your targets,
Your Dreams.

"If you give up yourself, No one will be able to help you" - Ivelyn.

"If you want to give up, think why have you started it?" - Bboy Mannyfrost.

Falling Down,

All these
are the starting point,
to make us stronger,

If you want to give up,

Look at Nick Vujicic (the man in the photo - born without arms and legs)
I'm sure,
You will get inspired.


- Red Bull Bc One -

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Chilling alone outside
Having a cup of nice blended tea
to chill yourself
isn't a bad thing after all

Is good to have friends around
It is not worst to be alone sometimes

we do need to be in a silent path
sit down,
listening to some relaxing songs
do some readings
freshen up your own thoughts

everything will be better
after you have nice positive thoughts

LIFE is a challenge for everyone of us
we live to face challenges every night and day
this is why
we never stop learning from the day we are born
and we never stop
to find ways to improve ourselves
to be a better person

No one is perfect in this world
Everyone will be a beautiful person in this world
if we learn to love ourselves
if we learn to face difficulties

"Do not restrict your own life" - Nick Vujicic

"Always learn to love yourself more" - Nick Vujicic

If you think that you are worst,
Close your eyes and feel it with your heart,
Open it again
and look around

You will find the inner answer :)



Hand by hand
Holding tight till the day we can

Being with you
Is a Happy starting story chapter in my life

Being with you
I learn and willing to be more independent

Being with you
I learn to understand the right and the wrong

Being with you
I learn to truly love myself more

Being with you
I learn to be more mature

Being with you
I learn to change

Being with you
I learn to cherish

Being with you
I learn to be understand the concept of not tie-ing up each other

You make me smile,
You make my heart beats,
You make me feel loved,
You make me understand the cruel,
You make me understand the faith,
You make me understand about dealing with life..

Because of you,
I start to be something that is out of my thoughts

Hand by hand we hold,
Walking on this road together
No matter how short or far our journey would be
At least,
This is the moment where I want to cherish
Cherish every moment we had together
Cherish every thoughts we share
Cherish every happiness and sadness we had together

I will never say forever,
Because there will never be forever
I will never promise anything
Because breaking up a promise hurts

All i will say is
I love the way you are now
I love the way we are now
I love the feeling we had for each other now
I love that we
every thoughts,
every smile,
every "brain storm" (you gave me)
every sadness
every path of growth

Together we hold on to each other,
never stop learning
and keep on improving.

I'm glad that you walk into my life
and brighten up my bravery of soul in facing things

I wont be the best,
I wont be 100% positive thinking girl

i will try to learn
to be a better person

"I am not perfect, but i want to be better"

I love you