Saturday, August 30, 2008

My merdeka eve 2008

Lots of pictures sharing with my friends / readers
just let my picture do the story talking
and this is what i did and spend my merdeka eve 2008 ^^

After 3's menu
Dinner @ After 3 located @ opposite HSBC / Travillon

Business hour

I love the "cinderella" name

This is what we order

This person ask me to quote
:" I hate bloggers!.."
hahas...hey bloggers out there..chill larhs
he mean the "blogger" is me..-.- hahas

Nice phrase?
Quality never goes out of style!
LEVIS boh!!hhaas

Nasi Lemak chicken curry @ RM5.50

Foochow Noodle @ RM6.00

Mee Mamak @ RM5.00

Kopi Peng @ RM1.80

Coke Float @ RM3.50

Green Tea @ RM1.60

Our total bill..
no service tax no govrn tax
is it expensive or not bad?XD

Is still early
waiting @ my fren's house for her bf
this is what happens when i goes over bored
and don go vomit yea?hahas!
I bet my fren don even knows i took so many pics in her room!hahas

Her collections!SNOOPY the most~XD -.-

A pic on her table
i took this pic because i'm in there..hahas!

@ her toilet

Bang~dead? yet lerhx...weird..XD
Emo emo emo

:"what to eat ho...hungry XD"

I also can kek cute what..
police catch meh!
pretty sweat huh?!


wondering wheres my prince?

I love this pic..hahas!

okay okay i know u guys are vomiting right now
don like that larhx..lols

reach SOHO @ around 11pm?
road block every where
coz is MERDEKA mahx..
why i go SOHO?
no larhx..just
my fren's bf birth..hahas!
(eh eh..pls NOTED that i'm not a clubber larh..i just go during special events like countdown or fren's birth~)

Our left out "drink" that havent finish during my fren's 22nd birth on july..hahas
say NO to alcholic say YES to dance

Soho is crowed luckily we still got seats @ outside lorx
but it starts rain a bit bit so umbrealla OPEN!..hahas

Yukiko and i
(the gal i'm going to UK with and going to be classmate again for another 1 year???oh goosh..lols..oh well we start to be in same class since form 1 till now larh..XD)

Hikaro and i?

how come i look so weirdo?
(li ru, raini, blurgal, hikaro)

Boredom boredom
pictures pictures
coz is crowded!XD T.T
i want to dance larh

My old fren from sec
Bryan and i..
well he keep on KNOCKING my head~~T.T
i'm going to be stupid?lols

My college gangs are not complete hahas
soon will be on SEPT 6th (our last gathering)
that guy (max) there is chu song one..hahas!

Front two a bit sot sot..hahas
Li ru and wei ge~he is drunk
but nvm they are couple..hahs!
Takashiro and hikaro!
couple of the night~^^
Them again~~
With my "sister" dwils
Us? not again~
Ah max hand kacau kacau...arghh..ish!
Hikaro and raini
Give u a kiss..but u seems so not happy?lols

12am!happy merdeka!
how old is he?
guys also got age secret de ok?not only gals..lols!

He arh...we just light the candle nia..he already blow..
dam fast..hahs!
and he only cut one slice of cake
is put inside his own mouth..lols!

got home i think 1am?
thanks to JUSTIN come and pick me home..^^

Reach home
this is what i do again::

Me and my BIAO JIE BIAO JIE!!!
hahas..but she seems like a BIAO MEI to me..
she so TINY!hahasXD

okay finish
you can go toilet to VOMIT liaw..lols!


- Stay Tune -

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Countdown :: 17 days left, UK i'm coming!

UK!I'm coming
Time and days are getting shorter
Countdown my days
:: 17 days left ::

I'm going to take this picture myself!!
and blog it out!
wait me!XD

The place i'm going to study at!!

The building that i will be spending a year at!!

A night view of it!

Northumbria University , located @ Newcastle, UK!

I'm coming
A brand new life , journey and adventures
are reaching soon in
17 more days!

- Stay Tune -