Monday, February 23, 2009

To 'U'!!

A message from me to u!::

What for for being angry?
Just because of the "thing"?
When is yours then is yours
When it isn't then is not..
That's NOT what we can do
I LOVE the way we are right now
I LOVE the way we are as best buddy always
I LOVE the way u are right now
As I say..
No matter what happen I don't wish there anything bad in between us!!
U know me more than anyone else!
U should know my attitude
The reason i choose NOT to be together
is because of LONG DISTANCE
U know I'm being hurt badly before because of LONG DISTANCE!
So, you should have understand everything!!
Just be what we are right now
About the future..
Don't think
Because GOD ain't us~OKAY?!

Cheers, buddy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bad Lucks Just Happen In My Life, LOST!!

But will it be FOUND?!!

1st, I lost half of my teeth in the front
in an unexpected accident
on 12th February !
will it be fixed?!
Just go ahead and laugh~

2nd:: Spec LOST!!
Lost on 15th February midnight
the only place i went is the toilet and my own room
Maybe i forgot to get it back
and mis left it at toilet?
I have find my whole room
But the results is ZERO?!
Where could it be?
And even a spec also want to steal?
what kind of flatmates am i living with after all?!
Can I found my baby spec back?!
I want it back so badly!
I love this spec so much
and is hard to find something that suits me!
and now is GONE?!

How long will my bad lucks going on?


- Cheers -

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chinatown Last Day of CNY performance

the second last day of CNY, 09
Chinatown, Newcastle,
Organized a Chinese Tradition Function Performance
Is said to be start at 11am
but the exact time of starting is 1230pm
It is nice to hear the sound of fire crackers
and Lion Dance again
at Newcastle
This is also my first time experience
watching this performance on street
Below are some random pictures that
i managed to capture during the performance

Hope everyone had a great CNY this year
and wish everyone had a brand new year
and awaiting for the coming 2010 CNY!

- Cheers -

St. Sushi, Newcastle

the last day of CNY
where have u been to eat with your family?
I went to St. Sushi with my cousin
for our 2nd round on the last day of CNY
Our first round dinner was at Happiness Inn
with my friends
Having Chinese Food
But I do prefer St. Sushi food more
although is quite expensive
but at least i give a try
and overall is LAST day of CNY 2009!

Our Dish!

Is very tasty~!

Here goes
suddenly missing Kuching's Sushi King!

::The prices at St. Sushi is as below::

- Cheers -

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Prague Trip 25th - 28th Jan 2009

Prague trip
Prague is a very nice place to visit
With very fairy-story telling feeling of castle
The buildings is very nice
Prague aka Czech Republic
Foods, Drinks and things
are very cheap there
But if you are going during winter
wear more
because is so so so much colder
than UK
Below are just some random pictures

tired walking~

Dancing house

Kutna Hora
A church build with millions of real human bones!

- Cheers -

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Heavy Snow, UK

Heavy Snow on 2nd Feb 2009
This picture taken nearby my accommodation
This is at newcastle
This is the thickest and heaviest so far I have experience at Newcastle~

How is it feel like lying on the SNOW?
one word~
I just love snow~
what about u?
I would personally love to experience doing
some baby freeze on the snow next time

But how is going to feel like
lying on this kind of SNOW?!
This picture taken by my cousin
is at LONDON!
Is so thick and I love it!
But Newcastle's snow is not as thick and much as this is
and is really OMG
as all airplanes have to stop flying
because of the snow~

- Cheers -

Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine Day, Whats your plan?

Valentine Day is coming again
and is just around the corner
Have you plan your dates for it yet?
Have you got your date yet?
Or are you ready to expressed your love?
Sweet, Sour, Happy, Sad, Forgive, Forget, Memorable
is when two strangers
become one
There is NEVER a forever for it
No one can ever predict anything for future
except the almighty god
So Treasure your loves one
When you still can
Every minute, sec, hours
are Valentine Days
If you can treasure your love
Valentine NEVER ends
because Valentine

Paris Trip 2009

Below are some pictures from my Paris Trip 09
These are the places that you should not miss
when u go Paris!
But there's a place that I MISS IT!
I don't have enough time to go
That's sad!
I will go next time or probably just go JAPAN DISNEYLAND!

The Train + Metro + Bus map
all in one map~
better make sure you can understand the routes
or else
hours will be spent missing around in the station

Don't miss this famous shop
Angelina Paris
Although is expensive,
But anyhow,
You should give yourself a try!

Get yourself experience traveling on boat

The New one


The OLD one?

which you prefer?!

Paris Tower night view with sparkling lights!

Daylight view!

Do you really believe that you can really hold paris tower?

The famous art!

all the trees at Paris are very neat~^^

Things to Notice when @ Paris::

1. Don't get lost (pointing to people)
2. Make sure you study the train/metro/bus map well
3. Make sure you study the city map well
4. Make sure you plan your trip well
5. Make sure you keep an eye of pickpockets!
6. Make sure to be patient with people in Paris (because different language)
7. Make sure you get enough time to travel all famous and recommended place.
8. Make sure you got plenty time to get off to airport

If you DONT, you are going to hate EUROPE~^^

- Cheers -