Saturday, July 18, 2009

Northumbria University Congregation July '09

15th July 2009,
Is a very special day for me!

I finally graduated from Northumbria University @ Newcastle, uk!
I am now a 2:1 Bachelor Degree holder in Accounting and Finance!

Time is passing so fast!
It seems like I just only started degree yesterday!
But it had already been almost a year in UK!

But the upset thing is that my parent are unable to attend my congregation!
I hope that they are happy that i promise them that I will graduated on time!


Below are some randoms pictures of my congregation with my friends!

- Cheers -

Monday, July 6, 2009

Paris Disneyland

During my June trip
Paris Disneyland is part of the trip
But, Paris Disneyland disappointed me
Is not as pretty as I have thought off
And is raining on that day
Anyway, at least I have experience
My first visiting into Disneyland!

Below are some random pictures:

Hollywood @ walt disney studio~

Snow White!

Beauty and the Beast!

I forget the name of this cartoon! haha!

Lion King

Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Peter Pan
Toy Story
Toy Story
Toy Story - Jessie
Toy Story
Toy Story
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Mickey and Minnie
Chip & ?? hAHAHA
Second meal @ Walt Disney Studio!

Walt Disney Studio!
Walt Disney Studio!
Walt Disney Studio!
Walt Disney Studio!
Peter Pan!

First Meal at Disneyland Park - Pizza Planet!

Pattrick aka Pizza Planet's chef! A guy who helped us a lot!
He drove us to find hotel when we are lost middle of the night
and we cant get any taxi or bus~
Yet still give us 25% discount off meal
in Pizza Planet


On the way to Space Mountain!

Inside Disneyland Park
Inside Disneyland Park

That is some of the random pictures i got
If you got Facebook and you had me in your friend list
I bet you have already seen all my trips photos!

Hope to go other places to visit again asap

But too bad, not now, dono when,
as i am very


- Cheers -