Friday, January 23, 2009

- OFF -

Dear Readers::

I won't be updating my blog
from 24th to 31st January
Going off for Chinese New Year Vacation
So cont. on supporting me
and i will bring back some nice post again

- Cheers -

Falun Dafa @ London

Falun Dafa
Do you know what is it?
This Falun Dafa originally was at China
There are lot stories about them
Have you heard about them?

They had actually getting fewer or should I say been band at China?
But then something shocked is that
They actually have the power to walk along the street
at London.

Whats ur opinion about all this?
or you totally don't know any history of these?

- cheers -

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY? Fire Crackers?

(photo grab from yahoo search engine)

What does this remind you?
CNY is around the corner
Fire Crackers again when the time strikes 12am?
Kuching people loves putting on all this "bombs"
that those police cant do anything with it
You Can just see all the places are cover with smokes
What is the feel for putting all this things?
Fun? Happy? Cool?
I never play any of this things
because one word
i'm Scare
Oh well
Seems that the Police in Kuching
are going to "suffer" from "bomb throwing"
at them?

Happy Chinese New Year!!

- Cheers -

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lets Spot!

December booklet from Student Union
lets spotted spotted faces
to see if anyone is in those pictures
during their events in December~
guess what
i've been spotted~

Com'on lets spot~
can u spotted me out?

Lets have a closer look
can u spot me now?

- cheers -

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Caught Red Handed?!

Michael trying to copying kennysia's reaction?
But too bad
Not as good as kennysia's
And Original is always the best

Looking like this?

And now she knows!

Going to Forgive him?


KILL him?!

you decide?!

- Cheers -

Malaysian Food at Chinatown, London

Rasa Sayang at Chinatown, London
Serve Malaysian and Singaporean Food~
(sorry for the blurry)

The drinks serve in Rasa Sayang


The price is quite reasonable actually
because it is hard to find Malaysian Food at UK

Nasi Lemak @ 6.80 Pound

Teh Tarik

- Cheers -

Friday, January 16, 2009

Followers (FANS) available in Blogspot

Heard about followers in blogspot?
Now you can post up this followers to your blog
at the side bar
So for those who loves your blog,
can be joining into your followers as a fan~~
In Blogger,
users can publicly Follow any URL to tell the blog's author
and the world they are a fan.
With the Followers gadget, you can display your
blog's Followers on your blog to show your blog's popularity
and encourage more readers to stay updated with your posts.


First go to the Layout | Page Elements tab for your blog:

Click the "Add a Gadget" link that appears in the sidebar of your layout.
You'll then see a popup window with all the
different types of Gadgets you can add to your blog.
(The Following widget will initially be experimental,
so some users may not be able to add widget.)
Look for the one called "Followers" and click on the blue "+" icon:

You can then enter your desired title for your Following widget.
Once you have chosen a title,
click the orange "Save" button.
You have now added the following widget to your blog!

Readers can now go your blog and become a follower!

I have added mine to top side bar~
so if u love my blog
just be my fans!!

- Cheers -

Places to Visit @ London

Below are some pictures about the places
I visit at London
and i think is still not bad
You can choose not to agree with me
Just a sharing~^^V

London Chinatown!
Got a lot of Restaurant
Two Malaysian Restaurant (Rasa Sayang & Malaysian Kopitiam)
Which serve most Malaysian food - nasi lemak, teh tarik, etc (i mean the malaysian restaurant)

The British Museum
A big museum
Lots things to see
But some departments are quite bored
There are lots of other free museum you can go
The other two i went
is not that attracting me
So i did not blog it out
National Gallery & Imperial War Museum

London Eye
15pound per person to get into the ride ( i havent been up to it..haha)
The colour will change time to time
and is very beautiful

Big Ben
It look very nice during night time

One of the small street @ oxford street
I cant confirm the name of the street
But it is somewhere near to oxford station
There have a lot of shops to waddling around
close at 6pm (if i'm not mistaken)

Tower Bridge

there are more places in London to visit
I havent visit some places yet
So I will go London again next time
Wanna know more where to visit?
Click here

- Cheers -

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to Know in Marriage

Is it a happy ending stories that every girls wanted?
or even guys?
My sister got married on 3rd January 2009
@ KL
I have learned a lot from here
Things to know when you're going to prepare ur marriage::

1. No last minute changing plans
2. Make sure the people you ask to help is co-operate with the plan
3. No last minute decisions
4. Always double check everything
5. Don't rush
6. Be patient
7. Always have some back ups (extra tables, extra people to help you, etc).
8. Don't do different things in the same thing when you cant cope up with it
9. Be punctual
10. Plan everything at least 6 months before ur wedding

you can either agree or disagree about the things to be notice
you can give just give more in comments
if you have~haha

- Cheers -

Mineral Water RM9 !!

Mineral Water cost RM9 @ KLIA, MSIA~~
Can you actually believe the price?
Lets estimate if mineral water is around RM2
2 / 9 = 4.5
means that with a RM9 note
Can actually get at least 4 bottles of MINERAL WATER!!
Scratching my head..
How possible could this be?

- Cheers -