Monday, June 22, 2009

Recommend to Visit Fussen, Germany!

First of all,
Sorry for the late coming updates

I have went to travel for a week plus
To Paris Disneyland, Berlin, Munich and Fussen!
But for my experience,
I recommend readers to visit Fussen
when they are at Germany
Don't miss it or else U will regret about it!

Below are some Pictures of Fussen MUST GO!
The main attractive area of Fussen that tourist will visit
will be Neuschwanstein Castle (new) and Hohenschwangau Castle (old)

There are travel guide available in different languages.
The Entrance fees for both castle will be
17 pound.
(one pound cheaper if you bought two castle entrance tickets at the same time)

Below are the pictures of Hohenschwangau Castle (old):

Sorry there is no pictures showing the environment
inside the castle as Photo Taking inside the castle

Below are some pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle (new)

After finishing visiting the castles,
you should check out of the lakes there
the water is so beautiful
as blue as the sky
and swans around
You can even get on a boat for 5.5pound per boat for half hour
and enjoy the atmosphere there!
You will love it !

A picture capture both castles
Left: Hohenschwangau Castle (Old)
Right: Neuschwanstein Castle (new)

An Additional Reminder:

If you are planning to visit this place during summer
remember to bring a sunglasses
Don't wear long selves or whatever
Or else u will be melting
because all i can say the bad things about this place
at this time is that




- Cheers -