Friday, December 12, 2008

Xmas 2008

What is your feeling
when xmas is coming?
What is ur plan ?
I'm going to stay at newcastle for xmas!
and going to London for 4 days 3 night trip on 27th dec~
26th Dec will then be a busy day at UK
because is BOXING DAY!
Below are some pictures me and my friends took last time
at newcastle city area~
(sorry some pics are blur~XD -.-''')

Don't bother them..
just look at the behind xmas decorations!
Is nice and with musics!

Kuching Kia~ =.=V

City's decoration for coming xmas
but the lights are not on~
one day i will go out again to take more pictures~^^

It will be nicer with the lights on~XD

Merry xmas in Advance!

- Cheers -


victor said...

hm.. I don't much Christmas decoration in my hometown this year. Maybe because of the economic crisis.. Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

oO bLurgAl oO said...

victor: haha..where u from then?..i don't know also if my hometown have improve in their decorations or not..haha~because i'm not going back to my hometown for xmas~