Saturday, January 28, 2012


Chilling alone outside
Having a cup of nice blended tea
to chill yourself
isn't a bad thing after all

Is good to have friends around
It is not worst to be alone sometimes

we do need to be in a silent path
sit down,
listening to some relaxing songs
do some readings
freshen up your own thoughts

everything will be better
after you have nice positive thoughts

LIFE is a challenge for everyone of us
we live to face challenges every night and day
this is why
we never stop learning from the day we are born
and we never stop
to find ways to improve ourselves
to be a better person

No one is perfect in this world
Everyone will be a beautiful person in this world
if we learn to love ourselves
if we learn to face difficulties

"Do not restrict your own life" - Nick Vujicic

"Always learn to love yourself more" - Nick Vujicic

If you think that you are worst,
Close your eyes and feel it with your heart,
Open it again
and look around

You will find the inner answer :)


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