Monday, February 23, 2009

To 'U'!!

A message from me to u!::

What for for being angry?
Just because of the "thing"?
When is yours then is yours
When it isn't then is not..
That's NOT what we can do
I LOVE the way we are right now
I LOVE the way we are as best buddy always
I LOVE the way u are right now
As I say..
No matter what happen I don't wish there anything bad in between us!!
U know me more than anyone else!
U should know my attitude
The reason i choose NOT to be together
is because of LONG DISTANCE
U know I'm being hurt badly before because of LONG DISTANCE!
So, you should have understand everything!!
Just be what we are right now
About the future..
Don't think
Because GOD ain't us~OKAY?!

Cheers, buddy!!

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