Monday, February 2, 2009

Paris Trip 2009

Below are some pictures from my Paris Trip 09
These are the places that you should not miss
when u go Paris!
But there's a place that I MISS IT!
I don't have enough time to go
That's sad!
I will go next time or probably just go JAPAN DISNEYLAND!

The Train + Metro + Bus map
all in one map~
better make sure you can understand the routes
or else
hours will be spent missing around in the station

Don't miss this famous shop
Angelina Paris
Although is expensive,
But anyhow,
You should give yourself a try!

Get yourself experience traveling on boat

The New one


The OLD one?

which you prefer?!

Paris Tower night view with sparkling lights!

Daylight view!

Do you really believe that you can really hold paris tower?

The famous art!

all the trees at Paris are very neat~^^

Things to Notice when @ Paris::

1. Don't get lost (pointing to people)
2. Make sure you study the train/metro/bus map well
3. Make sure you study the city map well
4. Make sure you plan your trip well
5. Make sure you keep an eye of pickpockets!
6. Make sure to be patient with people in Paris (because different language)
7. Make sure you get enough time to travel all famous and recommended place.
8. Make sure you got plenty time to get off to airport

If you DONT, you are going to hate EUROPE~^^

- Cheers -


JustinKC said...

Looks like u reli enjoy yourself hor in paris =.=""" So sad la this girl dun wanna wait me hehehe

oO bLurgAl oO said...

i will go again if possible..because i havent finish play in paris a...still got paris disneyland havent go~ and is not as fun as u think..and u nvr email me abt ur am i suppose to know when to meet u at airport