Friday, August 12, 2011

"Ppl look down at u doesnt matters, Dont look down yourself, thats what matters"

How people see you,

How people critizing you,

How people talked about you,

How people compare about you to the others,

Does all these really matters?

What really matter is,

How you see youself,

How you comment about yourself,

How you talked about yourself.

All these are the real that matters.

::Writing based on my own experience::

People tend to compare me with others,

On how good their skills are compare to mine.

They can do toprock as well,

They can do footwork as well,

They can do more different freezes than you do,

They can do powermoves but you cant at all.

Feeling Hurt, Feeling left out, Feeling lost

is a true feelings that floats


Think it in the other way round.

They compare for a reason.

Think it in the other way round.

and ask myself.

How much effort have I given in?

How much positive facts / thinkings have I given in?

Have I really being humble all the time?

How open my heart and mind is to receive critizing / comments?

How many times have I looked down at myself?

How many times have I actually being negative?

How many times have I accept others advice?

Have I been knowing what I am doing?

Have I been doing the right thing?

When I fail, Have I try to slow down and think for the reason and find the answers?

There are always many questions in our mind.

But there are always less answers to be found.

How people looked at you doesnt matters at all,

what really matters is the way you look at yourself.

Is the way how you solve your own problems.

Is the way how you going to overcome the obstacles.

Is they way how you control your mind set.

If you have been looking down yourself

and never give a chances to get back up again,

you are already a failure

before others says anything.

We are always a learner.

We might be doing good today,

but we will not be at the same condition the next day.

Being humble and being a learner.

Everyday is a new day

Everyday is a learning day

Clock keeps on ticking and it nevers ticks anticlockwise.

I'm learning, you are learning, he is learning, she is learning,

Everyone is.

Move on,

One day,

we will thank for those who compare or look down at us.

Because these people are those who gives us power to move on.

- Evil -

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