Sunday, November 20, 2011

Halloween Night 2011, Senso Hilton, Kuching.

Celebrate my first DRESS UP halloween in Kuching 2011
Never really celebrate halloween before in Kuching.
This was the first time i dress up fully on a halloween in Kuching.
It is a nice experience.

I only start to celebrate halloween when i was in the UK.
I celebrate the 2009 and 2010 Halloween in the UK.

Halloween 2009(Newcastle, UK) - I was dressed as a witch.
Halloween 2010(Newcastle, UK) - I was dressed as a zombie.
Halloween 2011(Kuching, Malaysia) - I was dressed as a pirate.

Celebrate the 2011 halloween at Senso Hilton Kuching
with my old secondary friends.
In conjunction we celebrate the 23rd birth for
Mobby and Yukiko.

I won myself a 2 days 1 night stay inclusive breakfast at Hilton,Kuching
in the category of
"Best Halloween Costume"

Yukiko and Neuvt won themselves a buffet dinner worth RM150 per pax
in a game.

Congratulation to us.

Once again,
Happy Halloween 2011 (it is belated now..=D )
Happy Birthdays to
Mobby and Yukiko.

Random photos taken at Senso, Hilton Kuching::

The Birthday girl - Yukiko

Best Costume Price Giving.

The voucher.

Group Photo of us.
A bunch of more than 10 years friendship =)

Price Giving for the winner of a game.

Happy Birthday to Mobby.

Lets end this blog with another group photo without me in..=)


- Evil -

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