Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sheena Hiphop Workshop, Kuching

A memory day

Attend a HIPHOP workshop
by SHEENA - All star crew philipine.

It is organize by
Feasible Studio.

Learnt a lot through this workshop.
Sheena is an amazing dancer.
She do a lot of sharings.
She taught us how to groove.
The name of some movement
such as
Smurf, Reebok, Fila, etc.
She taught us how do people parties.

It is a great workshop.
Whoever have attend it will have not regret.
Whoever have not attend.
I'm sorry to say you just miss an opportunity.

Always be humble.
Always be a learner.
Never stop learning.
And we have to learn from the right people.
Knowing the culture.
Adapt the culture.
And respect the culture.

Lets end this blog with a group picha


- Evil -

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