Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nick Vujicic got married!

Nick Vujicic

How well do you know him?
a man
born without any arms any legs
but born
with a shinning heart
and a sunshine smile

His smile in every picture you see
is amazing
His story in every videos and books you read
is inspiration

He is my hero
He is my inspiration
Because of him
I start to see more about LIFE
because of him
I start to accept some faiths

When i'm down,
His book,
His look,
His smile,
His encouragement,
His quotes

get me back up
and move forward again

If i tend to give up
flash through my mine
giving me a brainstorming thinking section

He never gives up, why should you?

We might just need a few minutes to get up when we fall
can you imagine how many energy and time
does he need to use to just to get back up when he fall?

He get back up
with a smile

"change your attitude, and you can change your life"

this is what i've learnt from his book.
People he met
People he communicated with
Things he face
Difficulties he gone through

make him stronger each day

if he can do ,
why cant us?

Look at the photo
I'm happy
Everyone is happy and bless
that finally he found his love
a lovely pretty bride

"The inner clean soul of you, is what makes you pretty"

Do not restrict yourself in life
Treat your attitude as a remote controller
Be smart to switch it when you think you should

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