Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Touch, thank you, i love you

My first valentine
with my stupid 牛牛..

far apart,
but love is still there

i'm touched
for what you did
(also thank you to my little sister - potato for helping :) )

the moment when i receive this flower..
i cried :)

thank you my love.
first time
receive 12 roses
which means
"my love towards you are getting stronger and deeper each day"

thanks my dear..

my love to you is the same too
i'm happy to be with u
although u sometimes make me frustrated

19 more days
we can be each other hugs again
19 more days
we can holding on to each other again
19 more days
is a new start chapter of our love
19 more days
no matter how tough it is going to be
stay strong
stay positive
stay caring
doing our best to keep our relationship
in a better way

just because

i love you 

happy valentine 2012!
after 19 days,

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