Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One of my Group project (Ethics and Governance)

Being in a hard week
working the answers out
Reading and understand the Premier Oil and Hermes case studies
again and again
sleeping at 3am or 4am!
and this is what we got for our poster with a group of 3
in Ethics and Governance~
We're the only group of 3 in the seminar
while others got 4 to 5
so we are actually much stress and much work to do~
because one been pull out of our group last minute~
Our poster look ok tho..~
We did what we can
and we know we can do it~
Good job to Me, Anh(Vietnam) and Chris(German)

Still got plenty of works coming up~
(Presentations, 1 min speech, strategy group n individual work, contemporary corporate report)
Gotta have a tough weeks till xmas~!

- Stay Tune -

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