Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wiggles Foam Beach Party

Student Union Reds Bar
Wiggles Foam Beach Party!!!
are you ready to have a beach party??!!!
We are ready!!
And we have an awesome night!!
Enjoy da pictures!!XD

Group pic
too bad is blurry!!
We wear like that because is a BEACH PARTY!!
and we wear like that under a raining day and is cold!!
we RUN to the Reds Bar..hahas!!
There lots of different dressing up to the beach party
Lifeguard, scuba divers, bikini girls, sexy man, old sch girls!! etc..

We reach there around 1030pm!!
and the party is not started yet..
and we are so bored at first~~

with the scuba diver girl!!hahas

He is so sexy~~what do u think?

Now some random pictures of us start having the feel of PARTY!!
and this is what we call a FOAM BEACH PARTY!!

Molest molest!!

With BBC, Martin!!

We are having fun and we are all wet!!

This is wat make us wet!!

Spraying!!This is how they give us free shower!! hahas~~

Party party with my old friend!

we're in foams~~~hahahas
time to shower!!

Look at the floor!!
I bet Kuching NEVER have this kind of party in a bar!!!

Lets party lets dance lets shower!!

- Stay Tune -