Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tian Tian Restaurant

Is been a long time i havent post things about food~
and sorry for not updating regularly
because i'm sick and busy latelY~XD
here i come
went to Tian Tian Restaurant with friends last few weeks
Tian Tian Restaurant is located at Chinatown
about 15 minutes walk from my hostel~

The menu

Tian Tian

This shop got Tea pearl!!
and is nice~hahas

The food is around 5.00pound and above~

We're waiting~

Yukiko's zhao pai chao mian~
is nice!! is 6.90 pound!

My beef and pineaple rice~
around 5.90 pound

My nai cha
1.50 pound!

- Stay Tune -

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