Friday, January 16, 2009

Places to Visit @ London

Below are some pictures about the places
I visit at London
and i think is still not bad
You can choose not to agree with me
Just a sharing~^^V

London Chinatown!
Got a lot of Restaurant
Two Malaysian Restaurant (Rasa Sayang & Malaysian Kopitiam)
Which serve most Malaysian food - nasi lemak, teh tarik, etc (i mean the malaysian restaurant)

The British Museum
A big museum
Lots things to see
But some departments are quite bored
There are lots of other free museum you can go
The other two i went
is not that attracting me
So i did not blog it out
National Gallery & Imperial War Museum

London Eye
15pound per person to get into the ride ( i havent been up to it..haha)
The colour will change time to time
and is very beautiful

Big Ben
It look very nice during night time

One of the small street @ oxford street
I cant confirm the name of the street
But it is somewhere near to oxford station
There have a lot of shops to waddling around
close at 6pm (if i'm not mistaken)

Tower Bridge

there are more places in London to visit
I havent visit some places yet
So I will go London again next time
Wanna know more where to visit?
Click here

- Cheers -

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