Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things to Know in Marriage

Is it a happy ending stories that every girls wanted?
or even guys?
My sister got married on 3rd January 2009
@ KL
I have learned a lot from here
Things to know when you're going to prepare ur marriage::

1. No last minute changing plans
2. Make sure the people you ask to help is co-operate with the plan
3. No last minute decisions
4. Always double check everything
5. Don't rush
6. Be patient
7. Always have some back ups (extra tables, extra people to help you, etc).
8. Don't do different things in the same thing when you cant cope up with it
9. Be punctual
10. Plan everything at least 6 months before ur wedding

you can either agree or disagree about the things to be notice
you can give just give more in comments
if you have~haha

- Cheers -

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