Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Samsung S8300 TouchUltra

I have like the "sliding and touch screen" function
of a mobile phone for long
and we always can only choose 1 out of 2
of the function
but now,
Samsung S8300 Touch Ultra
combine both function
and it attracts me a lot!!
some more is 8megapixel!!
I got this phone for now already haha!
with the amount of
25 pound per month
with 500 calls and text allowed~
i know it sounds expensive
but i still love it lo
let me show you how clear is the picture~

A sample picture of Tynemouth, UK!
Capture by Samsung S8300 Touch Ultra!

I'm wondering,
how much is this phone cost back in Malaysia?

Anyone can tell me?

- Cheers -


Jojo said...

500 calls? you mean they count per call. call as long as you want?

oO bLurgAl oO said...

uk phone is like that d:

u pay monthly lo...they got different package and network lo

for example, 300 minutes for 3network(one of the uk network, something like digi..etc) for that 300 minutes, u may able to call to whatever network mobile phone u want and this 300 min also included smsing, one sms = 1 minute lo..if u finish ur minutes, then u pay for the extras lo..

for here, depends on what phone u get, then u can take the phone for free by just paying every month for around 18 months..

some phone got contract of 6months, 12months, 18months, 24months..

depend on network and phone that u choose..XD

so ppl in uk always get nicer phone..sigh

Jojo said...

ya i know 3network, the logo is the "3" digit sign right. Kuching also got contract now with Apple iPhone 3G, under maxis.

oO bLurgAl oO said...

is it? hey i want to ask, do u know the price for this phone bck in kch? and the 010 one is under which network now? cheap or not for calling?

Jojo said...

no idea, 010 i thought extinct liao but the last time i heard 010 is with celcom

Anonymous said...

010 is digi~~