Friday, June 20, 2008

15 JUNE 2008

15th JUNE 2008..
mY eldest sis, heavelyn...
reach kUching early in the mORning..
then we wenT to eaT laksa...just beside kch specialist..

aftEr that, me my bro, taka and yvette
we went to daMai puri, cat museum, bUn dao, and qing shan..

o jian....honestly..doesnt tast nice...

my sis and my future bro in law..^^


qing shan

qing shan..

as at qing shan temple...
coz taka is curious about the asking fortune things
i dunO what is it call..
so he do give a try
coz of him not paying enoUgh respect and concentration..
he did it for 2 o 3 times and finally
he did it as the "qiang" belongs to him finally.....


that's all for the day~~XD

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