Friday, June 20, 2008

18 June 2008

18th JUne 2008..
is the arrival for my bro's gf..
my eldest sis's bf and her bf's parents home is PACKED!

at night..
we went to Li GARDEN for dinner and it cost RM500 plus!!! fact..i don really get myself full....enough...hahahhahas...XD


eldest sis and her bf.......

that night....all together we got 11 people...
and the main thing is..
everyone is A PAIR PAIR
and i'm the only LONELY one...T.T

we got home around 940pm i guess.
then ISAAC sms me say he is on the way going to pick me out
for drink..hahas

then he reach..
we went out..
but duNO to where..weird..
KUCHING is toO "BIG!" choice..lols
we went around..
and lastly..
we stop by MCD..hahas

after that..
we plan to go to waterfront for a walk
but end up
sitting in the car chi chatting
and watching my dance video clip...sweat~~~~~^^

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