Friday, June 20, 2008

weLcomE bacK YVETTE & TAKA

13th june 2008...
after 1 and a half year of not seeing my 2nd sis...yvette
and 5 years of not seeing my sis's bf (JAPANESE) , taka...
finally is the time we met again..

me and my bro drove to airport
wait for their arrival..
is great to see them again
as me and my 2nd sis's relationship are good..very good
the first time i saw her came out...
i goes like!!,...OMG!! she is so THIN!!(p/s: but now she is fatter bit..due to the reason of eating everyday hahahhahhas!!)

this are the THINGS she bought from JAPAN for us!

i call this "doreamon bun" act is call tong luo sao la...dam nice..loving it an an..~~XD

this is red bean flavour...XD

green tea flavour..nice~~oishi~~

this so TASTY!

that white japan's mee sua..hahas

all this things are main for LAZY something like tin can in MSIA jus only japan's look more nicer..high standard and delicious..hahas

a FAKE japan passport..inside is just a right?...
angel thought that is real and she really thought that i'm going to japan to study and nearly cry that makes me and isaac laughing out loud........and she punch me...T.T

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