Wednesday, June 11, 2008

oNline shoPPing

well..lately i'm crazy abouT clothings (oh well..erm..i always do..but owas sort of money)
this morning at office
i've nothing to do..
so go through this website (u should check it out)
the price at this website is reasonable (not too low not to high..for me larhx..XD)
thinking of ordering one clothes..
this is the shirt that i plan to order..what do u think? including post fees it cost (RM39)

this are some pictures of the clothes from that website that i personally think is still ok..^^

while this one is not from that website..hahas
i've already order for it and it cost me RM39 (without post fees)
this is because the owner is from kuching
so i can just go get it from her by myself when the clothes arrive..
anyhow..i still think that bagy house price are still at a JUST NICE stage as is not consider as very expensive and is from taiwan. ^^

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