Monday, June 16, 2008

mY workINg daY @ boulevard

oh well..
14th JUNE 08 is my roadshow for streamyx and celcom broadband....
@ boulevard kuching...


b4 having this roadshow...
me and my colleague went to boulevard to talk to the even teams
and discuss the rental and places with him
they don give any discount...
hahas...and the rental is RM300!!!!


actually b4 going to boulevard..
i do make some calls to them...
and both calls are made by me....
my colleague..haiz
never 1 2 helP me up..
and the boss has already say...
every events ..both of us are included...and should work up together
hey...but why he still never 1 help me call ....
after discussing...
i do make another 2 o 3 calls again...and is MAKE BY ME AGAIN!
making me feeling so pay say arhx...lols..XD

at last...our boss agree to held event at there
with the space of 8 x 10

i reach there almost 10am
and we work till 9pm
we are supposed to work till 10pm
but we left earlier coz have to follow angel's car
coz me and isaac no car..
and act i'm suppose be working till only 6 o 7 or maybe latest 8
coz i ever tell myboss every sat i wont be able to work till very late
plus my 2nd sis back to kuchig with her JAPAN bf...(TAKAFUMI)
and we are suppose to eat out together..
who knows my colleague suddenly told me that he going to leave at 6pm!
by the time he tell me is already 5.40pm!!

yalah..his working time normally is don work on sat..
but then u also have to tel me earlier bah...
make me cant leave earlier
and i'm so dam god dam tired...

during the afternoon..
coz tired sittin at booth and don feel like working..
been "petroling" around boulevard tho..
and that time i just break up with all star.
ok...break up..finally i'm single again...
that's mean i'm lonely again..
hey...even i'm with him i also feel lonely
coz he don even have transport to find me o bring me out o acc me
and need me to fetch him everytime
hell...I"M A GAL PLS!
and i remember the maddest things i heard from him is
"baby..i'm so lonely and bored..come acc me can?"
i'm thinking...
u lonely and bored want me to acc u...
but when i'm lonely and bored..where are u...
u don even have the heart to go find me...
teksi also car fren car also car ba...
but i'm feeling weird...
why u want to take back ur fren cpu..
then u can so so so so so easy get a car to my house!

after work..
angel put us at ISAAC house
waitin for his car to be back
his cute little bro come talk with me..
so CUTE man..lols

after that isaac fetch me hom..
i get dressed up...
and we went out again..
and so do my sis
she went to bing

but we going to SOHO
but is a dam boring night for me
at frst we go eat
then go bing find my sis a while
then..go travillion amobar
walk a while
go soho
at outside sit sit
talk with long time no c de friends while
then angel say she cming
so wait for her...
suddenly i saw william...(amy's best buddy)
so he tell me that amy is inside
so i went inside
dance with her a while
coz duno y i dun have any clubbing mood
and the weirdest things is ..
my fren , my sis and my sis's fren
all thought that ISAAC is chasing me...=.=
oh sweat...{does he really look like it?...speechless...but i think heis more like chasing angel..muahahha}

i guess i type too much
boredom at office

by the way
my mum want me take a leave off on 18th
so sweat!
how am i goin to open mouth to ask for it...

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