Wednesday, June 11, 2008

todaYs life

oh well...
my today life at first is kinda of boring..
till i went to visit the online shopping website which i mention in my previous blog..
as there is nothing for me to do
because i got a list of customer phone list to call up and ask them to sign up streamyx..
but 8.30am...and everyone is working..
is just wasting my time calling up as in common one is at home duh~~=.=
around 10 something..
my colleague...ask me to help her to key in some shipment and invoice..
as she got lots of other things to i help her up
but thanks god...
time goes very fast and i love it..hahas..XD
isaac call me up say he arrive at my office and he bring me to jade pot to have lunch
oh wel..
he order "ma la mian"...and he is sweating...=.=
i order "beef noodle"...hohohoho


isaac also bought me a pie..but i don really like it...sorry isaac...>.<


but too bad..
this afternoon i at office..
i accidently "ao dao" my leg...ouch
and is still hurting now...>.<

i guess that's all for now lorhx...lols...

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