Sunday, June 22, 2008

tO tunA

siNGle life agaIN tho..
how does it feel..
one word LONELY...

thINking bacK abt my pass..
"he" do hurT me deEp a lot
buT y canT i just let him gO and foRget abOUt him
i'm owas suRe there are guYs better than hiM..
but Y noNe of thEm caNt beaT hIM off in My heaRt..
dOes that reaLLy meanS that..
whiLe i'm wiTH "hiM"..
i ReallY puT toO mucH feeLIngs to hiM...

somEtimEs i realLy thOUght thaT me anD him
caN get alONe foR a lONg timE..
caN realLY get marRIed..
i realLy do loVe him thaT time..
but alL is jUs a bRoken mEmoRIes..
mY heaRt is NOt heaL yet
mY brAin aRe fuLl oF bROkeN proMISes anD memoRIes

i realLy wiSh i coUld listEn from Him
liSTen the most trUeful woRd boTtoM in HIs hearT ..
i realLy want to liSTen he Tell me HOnestLy..
thaT he realLy puT on trUE feeLIngs with me
whILE we ArE togeTher..

leTting gO dOEsnT meanS i'm giVing uP
leTting gO doEsnT meaNS i'M not loVing euu
gIvinG up doEsnt meanS i'm foRgetTing..
nO what haPPen..
oR what had alREady hapPen..
nO one can erases thE meMOries betweEn me anD u
anD i hoPe nO one wilL force mE to foRget
becOZ i dON 1 toO..
as i wanT to keEp parT of our hapPiness MemORies we had
in mY heart foRever..

i miGhT noT lOVe euU anYmore tilL todaY..
buT the onlY thinG is that..
i canT foRget euU..
u caMe intO my liFe in a SudDDen
and yet..
u graB my hearT awaY
u BreaK it inTO pieces..
i doN regreT we bRoKE up
i onLY regreT we diDnT cheriSh eacH other..
everYtiMe i thINk oF euU..
mY hearT achE...
anD is paiNful that NO one eveN knoWs..
i wiLl foRget euU..
buT i wilL NEVER forgeT our meMOriEs...

i reaLise i caNT acCepT anYone or beINg witH anYone
aS mY huRt are sTIll remaIning TheRE..
i hoPe i caN meeT somE1 ..
that caN realLy replace euU in mY heart...


Isaac said...

sure u will find someone better de..dont give up just because of a tree, u still have the whole forest wa..nto all the guy in the world die liao..lols..don't think that much lar..

oO bLurgAl oO said...

then....u faster go find someone good come chase me lorhx..lols!

KeiKo RoKuJoCHiGusA said...

to forget or kicking that "he" off..
there's one way...
that i think it might be very useful...
always keep yourself busy...
don't ever to make urself to be alone...
hang out with friends...
when time goes on...
you'll get use with it...
not with the loneliness...
and your heart might be healed at that time...
am i talking too much?
sorry bout tat...


oO bLurgAl oO said... are not talking too much larhx dun worry....frens are always welcome to my blog to drop anything..but not coming here to disturb say "kids" things lorhx..hahas...