Friday, October 24, 2008

Burger @ midnight

Newcastle life is bored especially at night
around 1130pm
bored me till death
me, yukiko and andy decide to go out
walk around find burger to eat..!!
andy brought us to a street..
there's really lots burger to eat..

Burger at midnight??!!!
nothing to do..
I'm gaining weight i guess!
who cares??!!!

We get in one of the shop
Sicily Italian Takeaway Parmesans~
Will gonna try other burger shop next time~hoho!
Those burgers selling at roadside is so nice!
and big enough!
i will blog about it soon when i go eat again!!

Andy's lamb something..hahas!
around 4.70pound include chips~

Mine(left) Beefburger 2.50pound & Yukiko(right) Cheeseburger 2.70pound!

Drink this before?
i dont like the taste..haha!

eating~~pimples..arhh...dont bother!hahas

again me..
non edited~!!^^

Andy!haha..funny pose!

andy and yukiko

me and darling andy..lols!

us us us!

Essential have function on halloween..weeee!!
how much is it?!haha..XD
waiting for halloween where the horrors come to YOU!lols

- stay tune -

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