Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Blog

Sorry for not updating regularly like i use to be..
This blog is just a random picture and blog..haha!
don get bored..
will try find something to blog
nowadays i'm just busy with my homework and scratching my head hard!

Original jersey Newcastle united
year 2006 to 2009
Now 90% discount because almost expire
now cost around 5 pound for guy size
4 pound for kid size (girls can wear or small size guy also can)
Those price are for non numbers and name on it
if want numbers add more 1 or 2 pound..i cant remember..

This is the new version
2008 to 2010
with number of it..Michael Owen
there's the price tax..haha!
no discount!

We went to buy our food
and is raining when we're back
and there's very big wind for the whole day!

The egg girls..
cost 2 pound for one tray (30 eggs per tray)
We bought it at a Pi Fa Shi Chang
At other price the cheapest cost 3 pound per tray!


And after!!

Thats what we bought and it cost us around 3.49 pound per person!!

- Stay Tune -

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