Sunday, October 26, 2008

A night out to the bar

24.10.2008 (sat night)
went to a bar near Quay Point
with my housemate, andy, my honey(may) and some new friends from spain, mexico and french..i guess..hahas..xD

Northumbria University night view!

I forgot the name
belongs to andy~^^
nice mix nice taste~

The outside of the bar~
i love nice and relaxing with the gentle wind

Want to smoke?
put ur money in and get it..hahas!

Inside the bar
hehes..i love my shirt and boots~la la la

honey, me and my housemate, amy

My drink..
guess guess what is it?!

Group photo with my housemate except laurence(beside amy) n may(the front girl)

May and I with Jason from spain!
he is so FRIENDLY!!
love being his fren~haha

Honey and i
i look like a monkey
hug my honey

what happen to my hand?

I look so strange in this photo!!
arghh T.T

- Stay Tune -

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