Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day trip to Holy Island & Bamburgh Castle

Sch Trip again to Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle
Cost us 8pound per person and is only for coach travel only
It took us about 2 hours to reach Holy Island
And i've taken lots pictures
hope you enjoy~

Our ticket that we bought few weeks ago b4 the trip at Student Union

We reach Holy Island first around 1030am..

Lindisfarne Castle

Going in~XD

Yukiko and I

I don't know what this call
all i know everywhere is smelly and full or "bomb"

What do you think?

Sheep sheep at Holy Island..
mek mek mek

Count it and go to sleep..hahas!

Lindisfarne Priory
this is a very beautiful place

Does that light look like a soul?

May them rest in peace~ amen~

Andy stupid MV pose..hahas..
copy cat wang yang..lols!

I think without him the scenery looks better..hahas!~

Stupid me stuck in a telephone booth??haha

Saw this when we are walking~

We leave Holy Island at 1230pm sharp
and started off to our 2nd destination
Bamburgh Castle
I love this castle very much
i bet after you see the pictures
you will agree with me
is really big and awesome and really beautiful
cost us 5.60pound per person to enter the castle
and is very worth..for me!

What do you think??
If i'm not wrong in guessing
I think this castle is belong to king and queen of armstrong~

On the way into the castle
and is so cold

The girls~^^
frm left::
Ah wing, michelle, kero, me, may and yukiko

This is how inside the castle looks like
we are not allow to take any pictures inside the castle
so sorry haha!
I can only see it for myself..
la la la~
But don't worry
i do take lots picture at outdoor~hahas!

With my gay fren..lols!
no larh..
with my two big brother~

We are not ready~

Okay now we do!
group pic
from left::
lawrence, michelle, wing, kero, terence, may, me, barry, yukiko and andy

Look Look Look! somewhere at the stair..

Isnt it beautiful?

The beach~

Andy and I

us~very cold..haha..the wind is so big
until it nearly blew us away..hahas!

Okay..end of outdoor pictures..
now we are going in~
see you~hahas!

Ok la..
this is the only end of the part i can manage to take it secretly
because most of the parts in the castle
are guide by staffs and cctv..hahas

Of coz i have to get myself a sourvenior~
We use 0.51pound and put into a machine
and there it come out for us
a printed 1 penny with Bamburgh Castle Logo..hahas!
Is nice and i love it!
Sorry i didnt get to take a picture of the machine..hahas
because we are in the rush to get back to the coach~XD

Finally that's all for my trip today
got back to newcastle safetly around 430pm..^^

Do give me feedback if u're free about how you think about this two places?

- Stay Tune -


Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

waaaaaaa ivy those are veeery cool photos~~!! :D the castles are beautiful.

at the cemetery the building kinda looks like destroyed in half. wonder what happened?? O.o

oso i want one of dat souvenir too~!!! pls get one for meee haha~~! XD

oO bLurgAl oO said...

haha..get one for u?..if next time i got go again..will try..hehes..

hmm..i also dono why the cemetery building looks like destroyed in half..but it still looks great and probably is many years already...and thats the only left out..i guess..hahas

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

haha thanks ^^

what time did you took these photos?
i can imagine if at night, the castles mustve look spooky O.O

oO bLurgAl oO said...

i think 1something in the afternoon..hahas!