Friday, October 17, 2008

A night At Liquid

Some random pictures taken in liquid
It cost 1 pound per entry
on thursday only as it is student night
most drink are 1.20pound..~
Liquid is a nice place to club
nice environment
big enough
is so much bigger than any club in kuching
but is much pack than any club in kuching..hahas!!
(Thursday is pack..other days i don't idea..)

May with our new friends that we noe in the queue outside liquid
Pip and i dono that guy name..hahas

liquid is so pack!

Andy with i dono his name..hahas
he is so funny..


what he doing?
but he really lots funny action..hahas

He is tall actually..don get cheated..hahas

This is how it looks like..


Andy barry and I
(my two big brother who take care of me n my honey, may most of the time)

With someone i don't know that we know each other outside liquid in the queue

barry..what happen to u?

a kiss for my honey


Carrie said...

Seems like you had an awesome time at Liquid! Really nice environment there:)

oO bLurgAl oO said...

carrie:: so so la..for me..hahas...coz i don like too pack..hahas