Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheapest and worth food @ Newcastle

One of the cheap food (although is not so cheap)
will be Mcdonald??
With student ID
we order either a medium or large set (3.49pound)
they will give extra cheeseburger or hamburger or mcflurry~~
another place will be buffet at chinatown lo..hahas
cost 5.50pound if not mistaken frm 1130am till 5pm..
cost 8.50pound after 5pm..
with student ID got 10% discount

Another place will be Aspers which is located at the gate!
It is a casino~
U need to be membership to enter..
and membership is FREE!hahas
there will be free buffet on every monday 12am!
u can play free mahjung too and free drinks...
like coffee, coca cola, tea and so on..

This is the free buffet in Aspers..
It taste..not bad la..XD

- Stay Tune -

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