Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The day i depart for UK

@ Singapore Changi Airport
(it took us half hour to WALK from the terminal for our next flight!!swt)

Quantas Airway
The flight we spend our 14 hours inside to London!!

At first is like that

Then it becomes like that!

Singapore night view

a small monitor

Its controller

Wanna to call back home when u are in the plane?
Sure why not..
you just need to::

Use Credit Card!hahas

Our meal in the plane

After meal..
There is a snack bag~
(I finish it all liaw..T.T)

Our Breakfast

When i'm in the plane
I took some of this pictures below
is so nice!

A view of London

London airport(part of it)

Reached Newcastle, UK
around 11something in the morning
and we are greet by the staffs from the Uni
and they brought us to campus and register and get our keys
for our room

This is how my room looks like
I'm staying at Lovaine Hall
And my fren is staying at Lovaine Flat
Mine is like a hotel
Because outside there is a long long coridors
and you can hardly meet new friends at Lovaine Hall
(unless you see them in the kitchen!!lols..and all i know my this row there is 8rooms and half of the 8 rooms are from China)
But it is easier meet new friends at Lovaine Flat
And at my fren's flat
I got to know some new friends
and they are all from HongKong and China

- Stay Tune -


Jojo said...

wah... nice ho. dunno when then i step there. eh, study hard o.

ahlost said...

London airport so big !!!

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jojo: hahas!!
ahlost:: yeah big..we reach london airport from sg is terminal 4 and wanna go terminal 5 need use bus....@@

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

hahah its a mess! XD but it looks waaay better than my dorm room though o.o

oO bLurgAl oO said...


Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

hahah pats2 aiyoo its OK lar...
my room oso messy... haha XD

oO bLurgAl oO said...

otacon:: but u guy i gal..lols..but sometimes messy feels good...but my messy is pointing to clothes around..not rubbish around..lols

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

haha i think its ok if girl room is messy. only pondan's room are neat haha XD lol thats right messy of cloth is beta with messy with rubbish.

hmm ah but my dorm room is messy with....everything!! even people :0

oO bLurgAl oO said...

people?hahas....means????? i got some more new pics..hahas...went some places today agian..but havent post up..hahas

oO bLurgAl oO said...

do u ply facebook?add me

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

hahah when i got back i always find random strangers in my room... sometimes it can be really crowded.

yea and my roomates like to sleep on the floor. so u can say that the floor is messy with human bodies o.o

kool~!! cant wait to see de new pics! ah yea i play facebook. sure, i'd be happy to add ya! thanks! XD

oO bLurgAl oO said...

can we chat in msn?hahas..if you got weird chatting in my post do drop me a msg if u see me online because my time is 7 hours late than msia

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

hahaha i love chatting on people post comment XD lol just kidding!

thank you looking forward to chat with ya on msn!