Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Farewell 3 @ sharing planet

Another farewell dinner @ sharing planet
with bloggers
those attend are::
Xin Yi

I don have much photos that night
because most photos in my camera are blur
other bloggers should have more photos..
and our group photos
i don have any nice de~~T.T
(those we got nicer de don forget give me wor..thanks)

Sharing planet night view taken by jimmychin

Sharing planet menu

I forgot the name pls remind me again bah jojo..hahas!

My oreo..mY fav and thanks to sharing planet's boss - Kenneth(my fren) who treat me this oreo..^^

Lamb Shoulder @ RM15.90 if not mistaken
and as what jojo had say ::"oh god, another lamb lost a shoulder..lols"

We went sharing planet on tuesday night and is ladies night
so all ladies got this drink i dono what is its name but it seems very nice
is something like lime..
all becoz angel lo..
drink herself no ask me want o not..eeee..
i dont have this drink because i already got a FREE OREO..hahas! T.T

Some of them started their food
while we are still starving..hahahas!

jojo and evil me

me and suku angel

Ok i know i look noob..but i'm "GAY" hahas

while we finish our food
we are chi-chatting
while suddenly
the light is all off
and i thought ee..
how come no electric ki
then i turn
there's a cake
lols..i'm happy larh frens..but i'm not suprise..ahahas
how many of u actually got an early 6 months birthday cake like me!!!

i"m 21 lols...(next year)

who's hand behind?what are u trying to do?

me and nerd jojo

thanks to jimmychin for the preparation and decoration on my face!!

and here come isaac to kepo kepo~!!

gals group photo "not ready larh"!

ready le..but i'm eating..hahas

serene and i

A present from yienyien, grace and xin yi!
thanks gals
my mum saw this scarft and gloves first word she say is
XMAS!! lols

I love u all frens
I have a great night and must always miss me wor!!

p/s: those who got my birth cake pic and nicer group pic don forget send me arh..lols

:: added in new pics ::

::grace,xin yi, yien yien, iv3lyn n angel::

the only nicer group pic i got frm yien yien..hahas!
(this is edited version..1 original copy can get from me..xD)

- Stay Tune -


Jojo said...

food name what "lamborghini kembara"

deb said...

Sharing planet price's is really reasonable. Love everything there except there are alot mosquitoes!

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jojo :: why must u put a kembara at there?or is really name kembara?lols...

deb:: yea...lots mosquitoes..hahas

Jojo said...

that's what comes into mind. forget what name liao, the one serene ordered.

mosquitoes, bring ridsect lo lol

oO bLurgAl oO said...


ღ☆ღ PinG_Poღ☆ღ said...

Jie...i semakin bu she de uu go UK lerrr...hahass..duno y sia..mui will so miss uu gehh...

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ping mei:; haiya...still can continue on chatting in msn de mah..doesnt means that i totally disappear in this earth what..lols..

ღ☆ღ PinG_Poღ☆ღ said...

hahass...mui din hv jie de msn worr..jie muz always rmb to updated ur blog ya..let mui see see how nice r Uk...

oO bLurgAl oO said... msn is
add me if u got...but u add me le must tell me who r u if not i wont hiu u de..lols..sure..i sure update blog de..lols

ღ☆ღ PinG_Poღ☆ღ said...

ahahha...okay okay...i will tell u who i am de..hahass..dont dunwan hiu me owh..