Friday, September 19, 2008

Random pictures around and welcoming party

Below are pictures randomly
just let my pictures to do the stories..

China town

A group pics of our gangs @ Newcastle University
::from left::
Lawrence(HK), Andy (HK), Wang Yang (CHN), May (HK), Michelle (HK), Yukiko, Me, Terence (HK), Barry (HK)

Another photo of the gals at chinatown

Outside part of Northumbria University @ Ellipson Building

-.-"" (taken by michelle)


Andy act cute..hahas

St. Andrew Church

buffet at Chinatown

The best thing is order Chinese Tea because is UNLIMITED REFILLS

Me and Michelle

Us again she so pretty and cute

Outside Newcastle University, Business School



Casino at Chinatown

Yukiko and Terence nice!

Football Stadium

Football Stadium

Newcastle University!! dam nice their campus

Newcastle University

Yukiko dreaming she's Newcastle University Student...lols

I love tiang!!hhaas

Another look of outside Newcastle University!

I love this building is nice!

Frens! but andy and wang yang look gay..hahas

Below are pictures randomly taken @ welcoming party 19.09.08 @ student union
is fun and we are happy
we got a big place to dance whole night
And i got to know a guy from Egypt, his name is TK
but havent got chance to take pics with him`T.T
Hope to see him around..lols


With May

Well..i never FORGET i'm still a blogger!lols

With the guys(but andy and wang yang not inside)

Inside Welcoming Party

This is how the welcoming party looks like
is kinda bored around 5 something pm but after that is fun but tiring!

Wang Yang so xin fu!hahas

People gather around to see some people start dancing at the dance floor!


Me and Terence!

Wang yang say he look handsome in this lols!
so i just post it up~~la la la

Welcoming Party

Welcoming party

me and wang yang

This are the group of people who started the dance up!lols
nice and fun~!

Me and may again @ welcoming party


ahlost said...


Why all your pics cool cool one?

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ahlost:: coz i like like that..hahahs!!i don like smile in pics..hahahs