Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newcastle, UK

This is the library of Northumbria Uni

Student Union

Upper view of part of business school campus

The Bridge that i will often walk over to uni ^^

View of Lovaine Flat
Lovaine Hall is at the left hand side

Northumbria Uni

Parts of the Business School
Northumbria Uni Business School is nice

And we are going to have welcoming party this coming friday 5pm to meet more new friends..lols!

(their mcd outlet is nicer than msia i mean their look..lols..i havent went to mcd yet ^^)

This is where most students are buying their pillows and blankets

This is what looks like during day time and before 5pm!

Grainger Market
Is where you can get vegetables, eggs and meets and so on
and is very clean inside!

This is the best choice shopping outlet
Because you can get all cheap coats, clothes, jeans, bags and etc inside!

This how it looks like after 5pm!
Looks so scary
and that is Newcastle
nothing special and is a very small town
and you can just get to anywhere easy by walking
but is not a good thing going out for a walk after 5pm
because u cant find shops still open after 5pm
and there is not much ppl around and is scary and will make you feeling uncomfortable!

If you wanna eat out at newcastle,
the best is go for steamboat or buffet
this buffet opens from 1145am till 11pm if not wrong
every time got different prices
from 1145am to 5pm if i'm not wrong
it cost 5.50 pound and drinks around 1 to 2pound
you can just eat till you are full
and is all chinese foods coz most buffet is at Chinatown!

- Stay Tune -


JustinKC said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna go there larx! Wei why didnt take any pic of u har! and also ur frens and some ang mo babes LOL! Wei takes more food and places pics, wanna take a good look at it b4 going over soon =)

ahlost said...


oO bLurgAl oO said...

justinkc:: u coming over meh? arhx...if gt chance larhx..coz my camera's charger gt problem...sien si..i cant use charger..and i dono where is the service center for olympus at newcastle, help me on9 searchlerhx..lols... and i havent get to know any ang mo yet larhx...havent start class but i know 4 hong kong guys, 2 china guys, 2 hong kong gal , 1 china gal..lols!!and till now still havent get to know other msian!!most of it here are hong kong and china(china the most)

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ahlost:: no boh..lols