Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First day at Northumbria University

First Day Class at Northumbria University!!
Classes finally starts on the 29th September 2008!
is tiring and tough!!
Totally different from Malaysia and something new to experience!

Don't ply ply..
Northumbria University 's business school which also known as
Newcastle Business School
got STAR BUCKS de lerhx!!!
(sorry i didnt managed to take the logo of star bucks becoz too much ppl i pay say go there take pic of it..hahasXD)

Having Class at one of the Lecturer Theatre
and there is 400++ students~~!!
can u imagine?? 400++!!
big amount~
(is not only my course students still got mix some other course students)

In the class

This is how the lecturer theatre look like~
one row one row
like cinema

a pic of me and yukiko in class~XD

updated:: 30th September 2008
Time :: 3pm (uk timing)

- Stay Tune -

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