Friday, September 12, 2008

farewell 4

A dinner farewell night with my family and my dad's frens
@ Pending seafood (Li & Li Restaurant)
My dad's fren treat me this dinner as farewell
thanks you aunty Vivian!

while waiting saw this interesting board
have u really see 4Ds, Da Wang, etc results written like that and show at the restaurant?
Creative huh?

Sugar Can
Too sweet for me

Here comes my Seafoods, MY FAV!!

I like this one
is call zhu tang?
not so sure wor..hahas
i only know how it pronounce it in foochow..lols
is cook with curry and is tasty!!

Biling..the "grass" lols..that only can find it pure at sarawak~XD

Here comes my NO. 1 fav dish!!
Crab!!cook with butter!!
so is call butter crab?lols

hiak hiak..i finish most of the crabs!!

goosh..i think i'm going to be sick missing all this foods starting next week!!!

another farewell dinner treat by another fren of my dad again
at a restaurant at Jln Song
i did not take any pics of it because is roughly the same!!

- Stay Tune -


TNH said...

WOw...i miss those food...In Kota kinabalu..although got lots of seafood but you can't find any of those 'Zhu Tang"..And for the "biling" too..

oO bLurgAl oO said...

tnh :: yeah really hard to find it..but kuching lots..lols...^^ and is nice and i'm gonna miss it so much soon..~~T.T