Saturday, September 6, 2008

Farewell 2

Another Farewell Party @ Soho for me and Yukiko
with my colleges girl friends~XD
loving u all~muaks~XD
Photos are all non edited~XD

Meet tiok my "sister" again sure grab chances to take photo with him ^^

Us us us..MUAKS!!love u..(as fren larh sis..hahas)
lalala me and amy ( i love this pic)

Adrick adrick..what are u doing...stealing our ice..lols

Our drink
too long no touch alcoholic
feels weird after drinking one goal
i still think dancing is best..
alcoholic s**cks...~T.T

Li ru and I

Take 1
(me, yukiko, amy, max max)

Take two
what on earth me n amy is LAME!!

Looking so fierce huh?!

OMG~~*shaking head*

Group photo take 1..not ready yet~

I love this hahas~
My sisters~~but is not complete
Ah jow is not there..Mary is in AUS!!

Us again..forever good friends..never ends

My gals

Zhen and me(ii look fat..nah..whatever)

Back home
time to ..
i just love the make up that is done by Geraldine @ lancome~XD

Lame lame lame!!so lame~!!

I personally love this one so much~



- Stay Tune -


jimmychin said...

someone always clubbing de.......

oO bLurgAl oO said...

jimmy:: don ruin my name arh u...lols...u know i hate the way u say me like that...AND PLEASE MAKE IT CLEAR!!I'M NOT A CLUBBER AND I DON CLUB OFTEN AND I DON EVEN STEP TO A PUB EVERY WEEK!!MAKE IT CLEAR~~THANKS!

ahlost said...

You look drunk at the last few pics :D

You learn dancing? Where to learn how to dance in a pub ah? *LOL*

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ahlost:: hahas..i'm not drunk...i only drink 2 just hot..~~ erm...i got learn dance lerhx..lols...aha...ah lost no read my post...sigh...^^ i learn dance already 1 year lorhx..lols...go pub jus enjoy dancing with my gals nia..lols..XD

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

haha very cute photos ^^

oO bLurgAl oO said...

otacon:: hahahhas....thanks