Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunderland Day Trip 21.09.08

Random pictures again
lazy to re-arrange it
because i'm really tired..XD
Today went to Sunderland for a day trip with my friends
using METRO cost us round trip 3.50pound per person
Sunderland is small and is hotter than newcastle (i think)
But at night i guess is cold
and is dirtier and bored than newcastle..^^

Beach..sorry i forgot the name..hahas

Deaf Centre

The 1st museum we went to

Nothing to do at beach and the last pic a bit -.- coz ocean didnt take it properly hahas!

Terence looking ah may eating lols..
at the beach
one of the Beach at sunderland

In the museum
i look noob!
du du du du..train..train

Me at beach

The 'tower' at the beach at sunderland and is smelly

me and 3rd bro - andy(frm hk) hahas
he is a funny and "da pao" guy
The way he talk and the way he act sure makes u laugh

Friends relaxing at the beach

Toilet at the public (need pay)

Inside another museum




This is the shop beside Sunderland station that we saw they sell burger include drinks around 2 pound?


Everyone is tired so we went KFC
the cheapest things in KFC is this set and cost 12.99 pound
Five of us sharing this set as this set is for four person
so we share share so is cheaper and still Msia's KFC taste better

Raini, hikaro, amy, li ru..
sorry we didnt have the time and chances to pass by Sunderland University and have a look!

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

12.99pound is cheap for them but pricey for Malaysians !! RM80++ for a meal wor O_o can go hilton buffet neh !!

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ahlost:: yeah lorh..thats why we share lo..what to here are so so so exp esp those mcd or kfc or burger king..lols