Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random pictures taken 18.09.08

Many of my friends ask me to take more pictures
to post on blog to let them see
here you go
this are some pictures i took
is the 3rd day i been at newcastle, uk
but i still havent got to know the name of those places
will try getting more pictures
especially for tomorrow night's welcoming party!! excited and hope to get to know more friends!!
Raini, Hikaro, Amy, Li Ru and Takashiro!!
Don't feel so itchy itchy larh!!lols
Soon we will meet again!!
Just wait 3 more months
but one shout out for all of you to know

The bus in Newcastle
I will take a pic of a bus that without 'roof' for the second row(upper) seats
But have to wait till i see it..lols!

Greggs is kinda popular in UK
You can easily find this bread shop everywhere in newcastle,
and their bread is..

Some frens complain that why there is no "ME" in the pic you go..hahas..
Me sitting somewhere outside uni..^^

Saw this while walking in the city
Street Performance and is awesome!
Their music is MIRACLE! so nice !

Eldon Square
The Biggest shopping mall in Newcastle

Where you buy branded clothes!hahas

Nah max you kiki koko..hahas!
We on the way to Grainger Market

Inside Eldon Mall
Wait fren (she go washroom)
This is what we bought!lols
and we have to carry those heavy things back to hostel by foot and is about 10 - 15 mins walk
(oh well we walk and there...walk till my feet aches~T.T)

On the way to Northumbria University to ask for Letter for bank from Uni

My new friend from hong kong
May (green), Michelle (white)

outside uni

You get to see this everywhere in city

we saw this when we are walking

On the way to Grainger Market
nice right?!

Still on the way to Graigner Market

Starbucks in newcastle

There are many upcoming programs in the university
but need to pay lols
and few of it is bring us to visit some places
and i remember they got bring us to go visit where part of harry porter scene is
goosh..hope my friends them would want to go
(because need to pay to go and seats are limited!sob)

Today's date :: 18th September 2008
Time:: 7.25pm!

Once again i miss you all so much!

- Stay Tune -


Pay Per Post said...

great pictures and scenery

oO bLurgAl oO said...

pay per post:: thanks..and you are?thanks for dropping by

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

aye, mates! haha Newcastle is quite nice le.

oh if you see any old castle-like buildings aa pls take some photos of it. i can use it for drawing referrence ^^


oO bLurgAl oO said...

hahahas..i got take some but maybe my quality is not so good because i'm using my hp to take it coz my camera's charger broke down i cant use my camera!!!sobbbbybyyyy

Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

awwww pats pats too bad...
are those other pics you took using HP? looks okay, i think o.o

unless youre using an old HP like mine haha ^^

oO bLurgAl oO said...

yeah currently all pics i took at uk is using my hp..hahas

ahlost said...

wow... Very big uni... :D

a very BIG HARROR to all Ivelyn's friend :D

oO bLurgAl oO said...


JustinKC said...

hey there!!!!!!!!!! great pics

oO bLurgAl oO said...

lols....i havent get my camera fix!!