Saturday, September 13, 2008

Enter K, Kuching

Enter K , Kuching, Located @ Crown Square Level 2
everyday from 11am to 3pm
RM16 including lunch + 1 Drink
Tel:: 082- 483 636
The 2nd time i been to Enter K
Those who attend::
Jimmy, Isaac, Irene and Jason

Took this picture using from the TV Screen in the room
(sorry for the bad quality as it turn the "pages" quite fast and my phone is slow..lols)

::The Entrance::


Our Drinks - Green Tea

Singing time..^^

I still remember around 2pm like that
Jason suddenly take in a birthday cake
Oh good..
This time i'm really suprise and happy
but too bad i DIDN'T cry..hahas!!
and the cake is so nice and cute..
Tiramisu from Taiwan Cake House

People so Big..But the Cake so small..
Makes me look like a giant..lols!

Bloggers of coz busy capturing nice shots
So i have the opportunity to raise up my cake?

nice right?
They also sing birthday song to me
And it really took a very long time to finish the song and taking pictures
Then i can finally blow off the candle..lols!

Wishing time
I wish that I..... *SECRET LARH*

I love this pic hahas
Is that a MUST to do so ?
As i see many ppl doing the same things to the birth gal/boy

Okay is time to have FAMILY PHOTO!

:: Photos taken from Jimmychin ::

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

Wow.. You had so many advance birthdays hor.. Hehehe..

Why my friends never did the same to me hor?? *sniff*

Hehehehe.. Anyways, Happy ... Err.. I better save for your real birthday :D

oO bLurgAl oO said...

lols...but u knw whn??hahas