Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tynemouth and Tyne Priory Castle

Random pics again~hahas!

Michelle and ah wing so enjoy~

With someone's dog..hahas~ need so relax o not..lols


Everyone was having a nice evening relaxing ourselves..

ah wing not inside..T.T
we at tynemouth

Group pics!

Us again!

ah wing, lawrence, me

Both of them so romantic..hahas
andy vs barry


Terence drawing!

Tynemouth TrainStation

Can you see Andy?

Ah wing, me, terence


Wnna rap yukiko..hahas!


Tynemouth Priory Castle

u cant see me..hahas

Priory Castle

Been jail

My jail partner Lawrence


Priory Castle

andy, me, lawrence

real o fake?

fake or real?

If is fake then how it walk?lols


Looking at Tynemouth view...hahas!

Tynemouth Beach

Tynemouth beach

Swan lake???

I believe i can fly~



Enjoying ourselves

Swan...hahas..lawrence look so...XXXX hahhaas

i look noob..hahas


what we two doing?

- Stay Tune -


Otacon @ Zulkernain said...

of all the photo set youve post, i really like dis one~!

the greeneries in UK is amazing. it always look so clean and refreshing. i wish ppl here in Kuching can take care of our city cleanliness too so we can have a nice view like this.

haha i like the old castle too. its very lucky u can go der ^^

oO bLurgAl oO said...

otacon:: nt every greeneries is clean at uk...hahas..most places at uk is dirty..hahas