Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Newcastle vs Tottenham

went to watch live football match with friends
Newcastle vs Tottenham
at 7.45pm(uk time) around 245am(msia time)
First time watch football live!!
It cost us 20pound per person!!
and is nice and awesome to feel the exicement of GOALS!!!
Final scores::
1 :: 2
Newcastle lose Tottenham
The only one ball is goal by MICHAEL OWEN!!
la la la..i get to see Michael Owen!! la la la..XD

::Below are our random pictures again..xD::
p/s:: don mind my panda eyes and ugly look..lazy edit and i'm don have enough sleep!hahasXD

frm left:: terence, wangyang, lawrence(front), me and may

Match going to start soon

Newcastle player 14

Take pic first b4 the match starts!

Oi!Terence..where u looking at..hahas

Stupid stupid me..~~XD

b4 go inside football stadium

Group photos in stadium!!i love nice~~
(still got andy and barry but they not same seat with us)

this is nice

la la la

Camwhole during half break~~^^

Yukiko and me boring..XD




My new bf?? larh!!we ARE JUST FRIEND!!

Newcastle vs Tottenham

Newcastle fans

Going up!!

Yukiko and I



This ticket really cost me!!

Newcastle football stuffs!
Yukiko bought a nice cap here at 8 pound!

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

Wah.. Can watch live football match *envy*

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ah lost:: they are just normal match..i hope i got money and chances to watch stronger match like chelsea and manchaster