Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garden Hill Lounge / Restaurant

Garden Hill Lounge / Restaurant
Located @ Permata(opposite Tun Jugah Shopping Center) Level 4
Business hours :: Open daily from around 11.30am till 12something am
For Saturday and Friday is open till 1 something am
And for Sunday, There is no Lunch Meal (other days got)

Garden Hill is a place with reasonable price as their food are not bad(my personally thinking)
And is a nice place for teenagers to chi chatting and also couples to have dinner at because the environment looks romantic as well

Part of the Outside view

Another Side

The Bar Inside

Inner Look

Another part of Inner Look

Garden Hill's menu

Ribena Sprite @ RM6.00

Garlic Bread @ RM5.00

Potato Wedges @ RM6.50

French Fries @ RMM7.50

Trend Grill Lamb Chop @ RM24.00
(This dish is very tasty!!)

An earlier celebration birthday for yukiko

Finally she's twenty!!

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

I haven't been there for ages.. I mean to really eat / drink sth there. :)

Maybe I should be there one day :D

oO bLurgAl oO said...

ahlost:: then u should go lorhx..lols!!!