Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ren Jian Cha Fang

Simple Tuesday Night
as usual
after dancing
went eat
this time
BiBi fetch me to and eat and back
hahas...and thanks for the treat!!lols
we went REN JIAN CHA FANG(dono what its english name is)
which is located at carpenter street~~~

Our seats name..
Lung Ching~

Inside Ren JIan Cha Fang

The Menu

While waiting for food
(but only a while larh)
They light up candles
and i think their brain a bit..sot sot?
put a candle so near those books??
no scare burning arh ?

i think 5 mins..
electric back
during the blackout..
we keep telling ghost stories..
(actually whlie we are talking half way...suddenly black out de..scary ..xD)

Loot like S**T(said bibi..hahas)
Fried dumpling~hahas PORK!!
My order ::
Ma la mian
which is very famous at ren jian cha fang
(i know i know i dono eat spicy..but this is small spicy..and dono why today de no spicy at all?)
Milk Green Tea
Okay wasted food
can't finish larhx
coz cant blame me..
before that i have eaten TWO BREAD!!hahas

- Stay Tune -


ahlost said...

The food there is not as nice as they used to be :(

and they seriously need to change the way they service customer @.@

oO bLurgAl oO said...

honestly..i totally agree with ya~