Friday, August 22, 2008

Two moons on 27th August

27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for.............

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.
It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye.
This will cultivate on Aug. 27
when Mars comes within 34.65M miles off earth.
Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am.
It will look like the earth has 2 moons.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.
P/S: Got this from a fwd email frm frens
is this really true?
going to check out on aug 27 12.30am then
- Stay Tune -


YeinJee said...


The real thing happened a few years ago. Since then this email has been spreading in every August with the updated year.

oO bLurgAl oO said...

oh really?
then i hope i wont miss it or forget to go and have a look with my own eyes..
but...really shows two moons???

YeinJee said...

Hmmm... you don't seem to get my point. Pardon me if I didn't make it clear enough.

Hoax = fake.

The real event happened a few years ago when Mars was closest to earth in recorded history.

Even so, it's far from being as large as the moon... but it was obviously the brightest 'star' in the sky.

IF Mars is as large as the full moon in naked eye... it will clash with earth in less than 24 hours :p

oO bLurgAl oO said...

i dono anything about it~~
i'm a noob..lols~~XD
thanks yea